My Mihi

WALT: introduce ourselves in Māori.

I learned to say my age in Māori

My best sentence is Ko Ethan tōku ingoa.

I achieved my goal because I can pronounce 2 lines really well.

Next time I will learn my mihi off by heart.



I learned to make connections with a text

I achieved my goal because I made a connection with what I was reading

Next time Make connections with ourselves other text and the wider world  

ANZAC Writing

WALT write a diary entry using specific Vocabulary
I learned that good vocabulary makes writing more interesting.                                                    
I achieved my goal because I wrote a diary entry about ANZAC.
Next time I will be a little bit less distracted when writing.

Here are my best sentences: Dear diary,Days like this are not the same as they were before the war was on. The group said it would be a bad idea to go out there. The gunfire began, the bombs  exploded!!!

Oderings Nursery

I learnt how to plant a seed.

This is An example of one of the seeds we
Planted at Oderings

the steps we had to follow were:
pat seed
and pat soil

I learnt
about plants growing

Learning to Blog

WALT add a post to our blog.                                                                                                                  

This is one I will be sharing my learning this year.

My next step with blogging is to add photos to my blog.